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A great new collection has been launched as a tribute to the great and beloved Toni Mascolo. Last year was an important moment for TONI&GUY; co-founder Toni Mascolo passed away last year. THE LEGACY 2018/2019 is dedicated to him and the 55 years history of TONI&GUY within the hairdressing industry.

More than ever, the look and feel of the campaign is luxurious but at the same time also very accessible to the customer in the salon. For the clothing this year we opted for a collaboration with upcoming designer ZHI Chen. The colorful but graphic prints from the I-AM-CHEN A/W18 collection contribute to the rich feeling of the collection.

THE LEGACY 2018/2019 collection is completely dedicated to the built heritage of TONI&GUY. The building of the collection is based on a ‘hair trend cycle’ which consists of three parts: Vintage, Contemporary and Creative.

Futurewise has been created with a sense of creative freedom and individuality in mind for the latest collection.

Futurewise is a collection influenced bu the international art team’s extensive travelling collaborating with leading fashion designers, understanding diverse cultural trends and leading creative shows and events, all of which have inspired these dynamic cuts and colours.

Last year’s triptych of sectioning patterns paved the way for this year’s advanced, creative techniques known as interlocking sections. The progression is seen through the creation of focal points and specific areas of detailing to maintain customisation, but in a more editorial and refined way. In terms of colour, there is a nod to the underground shades that we’ve seen in London and other cities that have inspired the hues of green, blue and yellow.
Also, muted hues have been worked in,which have been embellished with twists of warmth and coolness to complete the colour story.

Over the last few years we’ve seen an ‘anti’ movement, anti-fashion, anti-retouch, anti-classic beauty etc. across the hair, beauty and fashion industries.

Now, although individuality is still held in the highest regard, it’s the likes of Gucci which have fused that anti concept with high fashion to turn out something entirely new.

FUTUREWISE is TONI&GUY’s creative approach to future proofing, the ability of something to continue to be of value into the future. These new interlocking sections enable versatility and strength against the influx of transient trends and fast fads that crop up each season.