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Do you have drive, vision and a huge passion for hairdressing, as well as a hunger to learn more from the world leaders in hairdressing education?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then apply for our new monthly hairdressing courses by using the form in this web page.


Classic Courses


Are you a young and promising hairdresser, striving to earn more prestigious roles within the hair industry? Then this course may be just right for you!

Keeping your techniques, ideas, and approaches up-to-date is essential and key to your success. In our training, you will get hands-on experience and cover all of the fundamental aspects of the hairdressing programme. Some of the areas covered during the course include: cutting, styling, fashion colouring, learning new and engaging perming techniques, as well as improving your customer service skills. You will thus increase your confidence both in and out of the salon. We will introduce you to ideas and techniques that will be useful and a much-needed practical aid for your everyday work.

With the emphasis firmly on upgrading, strengthening, refining, and perfecting cuttings techniques and styling, this empowering and motivating course focuses on building confidence and knowledge within the student hairdresser. Constantly updated, the techniques taught within this course form the foundation of all TONI&GUY education globally.

The course further enables the apprentices to explore, analyse, and discuss both theoretical and practical issues with their instructors and peers. Through demonstrations and practical sessions you will learn to reinforce, refine, and reproduce previously learnt techniques. Our instructors are trained to criticise constructively and to offer practical suggestions that will enhance your motivation in exploring new styles; they will guide you on how to adopt hairdressing as a way of life. By the end of the course, you should be able to find the approach and technique that suits you best. Meanwhile, we promise to be there all the way through to give you that technical edge, an increased accuracy, and precision in all TONI&GUY’s core techniques. This is what makes us professional.

Course Focus:
– Technological Foundation in all Core Techniques
– Practical Workshops and Demonstrations
– Increased Confidence and Precision
– Personalising and Finishing Techniques

Price: €  175 per month (Price Reductions are available for advance payment)

Lessons once a week.

Your dream for a fantastic career in hairdressing is just one course away!

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